Rightsizing is not downsizing. Rightsizing is assessing what's important to you and finding a new home that's more suitable, more manageable, more energy efficient and cost effective. While downsizing implies reducing your living space, rightsizing is about maximizing it for your changing requirements.

Rightsizing matches a new home with your new requirements. You may want less backyard to tend, or perhaps more land to create the garden of your dreams. You may want a single storey home for ease of mobility, or a smart detached condo that you can 'lock and leave' for extended holidays.

Rightsizing ensures you have the best combination of features that are important to you, in the right location, perhaps close to ageing parents or rapidly growing grandchildren.

If you're an empty nester, e-nester, retiree or grandparent, and still living in your original family home, call me at (519) 433 4331. Together, we'll work out what you want from your home, and find the right location and criteria to locate your perfect rightsize home.

Retire to London ON

Rightsize to a new home in London, and you can enjoy everything this city has to offer, all year round. Discover your favourite restaurants, enjoy concerts and theatre right on your doorstep, and spend more time practicing your swing on several excellent golf courses. Explore the glorious Ontario countryside, or take off on holiday from London International Airport, all within easy driving distance. Join a growing community of life-rich people who know that life really starts when the 9-5 ends.

Senior living properties

London has a good selection of properties specially designed for seniors, with easy access to facilities and good public transport links. With world-class healthcare facilities, a vibrant community spirit, and lots of events, clubs and associations, London is the natural choice for a new generation of active seniors.